Abran “Abe” Quesenberry, PE

Abran “Abe” Quesenberry, PE


As President of Quesenberry’s Construction, Abran is responsible for the leadership and management of the organization, including strategic planning, financing, quality improvement, client relations and business development, as well as project management.

With over 25 years of experience in construction, Abran has learned all facets of the construction process from general laborer to President. Abran’s past management responsibilities have included developing estimates, construction schedules, coordinating submittals, project record and closeout documentation, inspections, compliance with specifications and design documents, project meetings, and relations with clients. He has been involved in the supervision and management of projects ranging from infrastructure and highway/heavy to multi-story state of the art facilities. When he served as the company’s Vice President, Abran’s role evolved to include business development and marketing. Abran has also helped the organization take advantage of evolving procurement avenues such as competitive negotiations, PPEA and CMAR projects that have become popular in the industry.

Abran continues to expand his construction knowledge by being involved in continuing education classes and professional seminars to remain current and knowledgeable. He has participated in the LEED Professional Accreditation Program and received the Green Building Institute’s LEED Accredited Professional certification.

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